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TV Frame Buying Guide and FAQ

TV frames are for wall-mounted, flat panel (non-curved) televisions in which each of the 4 borders (top, bottom, left, and right) are 2.375″ (2 3/8 inches) or less. They will fit almost all non-curved TVs made in the last 5 years.

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Frame Details

Will a TV Frame Work on my TV?

Yes, as long as your television:

  1. is Wall or Ceiling Mounted (with the mount attached to the TV from the back, not the bottom like a table stand)
  2. is Flat (Not a Curved TV)
  3. has each of the 4 screen borders 2.375″ wide or less (almost all newer TVs)
  4. has a mount that will support up to 30 pounds of additional weight

We will double check everything to make sure it will work based on the model number that you enter at checkout.

Does the Frame Attach to the TV or the Wall?

The frame is open in the middle and slides onto the front of the television and easily attaches to the television with two straps. The frame does not attach to the wall, as that could block the ventilation to the TV. By attaching to the TV, the frame can tilt or move outward with the television mount.

Do you have larger images of the frames?

Yes, please see the TV Frame Hardwood Selections page.

What is on the Back of the Frame? Does Anything Cover the Screen?

The frame is open in the middle, allowing it to slide on the TV from the front, and attach to the back with 2 straps. There is nothing covering the visible screen once the frame is installed. The matte covers the border of the television, but does not cover any of the actual screen.

What about the Remote, Built-in Speakers, Cameras, and Ventilation?

The matte allows the remote signal and any sound from built-in speakers to pass through.

Any cameras on the TV will likely be obstructed, and this will disable any gesture recognition features that may be on the television. (Some TVs allow you to raise or lower the volume by moving your arm up or down). Some of our clients prefer to have the camera blocked for privacy considerations.

The frames are open in the back and attach to the TV with adjustable straps, which allows for ventilation to the television. This is an important consideration, since frames that attach to the wall can block airflow to the television and cause it to overheat.

Optional sound bars or speakers should be removed prior to installing the frame. 

As long as all 4 borders of the TV (top, bottom, left, and right) are 2 3/8″ or smaller, the frame will fit.

Tell Me About the Frame Materials

We use only museum quality designer hardwood frames from Larson-Juhl. All corners are hand-fitted and filled. The matte is seamless and covers the borders of the television and is wrapped in your choice of custom fabrics. Frames are handmade in Austin, Texas by experienced custom picture framers.

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How Big is the Frame / How Much Does it Weigh?

Size and weight of the frame varies based on the size of the TV and the frame chosen. When using the TV frame designer, choose the frame option that you like and the details in the description will give the exact external dimensions of the frame. Weights vary from 10 to 30 pounds.

Do These Work With...

What If I Get a New TV?

The frame has variable sized internal spacers, which allow it to fit any TV of exactly the same diagonal screen size, as long as each border (top, bottom, left and right) on the new TV is 2 3/8 inches wide or less. This is true for almost all recent TVs, but please measure your television. The largest border is typically at the bottom.

In other words, if you order a frame for a 55″ TV, you can use this frame on a newer 55″ TV, as long as each of the four borders of the new TV are smaller than 2 3/8 inches. This is true for virtually all newer TVs.

Do These Work with Curved TVs or Televisions on a Stand?

No, they are for ceiling or wall-mounted, flat televisions only.

Do These Work with Articulating (Arm) Wall-Mounts that Pull Away from the Wall and Tilt?

Yes, but the frames are not designed to be pulled in order to adjust the position of the TV. The frame will move out along with the television, but please reach behind the TV and pull from the TV from the back.

My TV has a Curved Bottom Border or a Small Protrusion in the Bottom Border. Any Problem There?

Some televisions have a portion of the bottom border (either at the center or at one side) that comes down a bit more than the rest of the bottom border. This can be the design of the border, or a remote or other sensor that protrudes down from the rest of the bottom border.

The frame will fit, as long as at the widest part of each border is 2 3/8″ or less. In other words, measure the widest part of the border (at the protrusion), and if that is 2.375 inches or less for all borders (top, bottom, left, and right), the frame will fit.

Will This Work on My Outdoor TV?

Sorry, these frames are not designed for outdoor use.

Will the Frames Work if the TV is Mounted Vertically (in Portrait Mode)?

Yes, the straps hold the frame onto the television in either traditional landscape mode, or in portrait mode.

What About This Option...

Do You Sell TV Mirrors?

Sorry, we do not. We could not find a material that we were happy with or would use in our own home. If you choose a mirror from another vendor, we highly recommend testing a sample of the material first. Rotating digital artwork has been a much more popular choice for our clients.

Do You Sell Motorized Artwork?

No. Art that scrolls down in front of the TV is nice, but it requires bulky motors and storage for the rolled-up canvas. With digital TV art, you are not limited to a single picture and have a virtually unlimited selection of 4k Ultra High Definition rotating artwork to display when not watching TV or movies.

Installation / Specs

How Do I Install The Frame?

Installation is very easy and does not require any tools, and does not require you to remove the TV from the wall. You will need a second person. After you both slide the frame onto the wall-mounted television, one person will hold the frame and the second person will put the straps around the television and pull the loose end of each strap. That’s it. Please only hold the frame by the outer edge rather than the inner opening, since the inner wood liner is more delicate.

I Have a Recessed 'Cut Out' in the Wall - Any Problems?

The frames look great in a recessed opening for a wall-mounted TV. When you choose the frame style in the TV frame designer, make a note of the additional space required for this frame at the bottom of the page. As long as your recessed opening has at least this much additional space on each side, the frame will fit in the recessed opening along with the television.

Does This Include Some Sort of Wall Mount?

No, the frames slide onto TVs that are already wall mounted. You will need to purchase the wall mount and have it installed separately.

Shipping / Returns / Lifetime Guarantee

How are the Frames Shipped? How long Does it Take?

All frames are securely packaged and shipped ready to install. Your frame is custom manufactured when ordered. Please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacture and delivery. Frames for 55″ or smaller TVs will ship via UPS. Frames for 56″ or larger TVs will ship via a freight carrier.

Orders outside the continental US may take up to 6 weeks for manufacture and delivery. Please be assured that we make every effort to get your frame to you as quickly as possible. We will email tracking information as soon as the frame leaves our dock.

What is Your Return Policy?

Products that are custom made to your specifications are rarely returnable, but it is very important to us that you are happy your frame. We can accept returns minus a 45% restocking fee provided that you pay for return shipping. We can accept returns (with the restocking fee) within the first 30 days of your receipt of the frame.

What Does the Lifetime Guarantee Cover?

The Limited Lifetime Guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship. If, for example, the fabric of the matte were to detach from the backing and form a bubble, we would send you a new matte at no charge to insert into the frame. (This has never happened to the fabric, it’s just to illustrate a potential defect in materials or workmanship).

The guarantee does not cover accidents, negligence, damage caused by the customer, failure to follow the instructions, mishandling or any other situation.

Resellers / Bulk Orders

How Do I Become a Reseller?

If you have a retail store or showroom, please contact us here

I would like to purchase 5 or more frames

We would be glad to work with you on a custom project. Please contact us.

About Us

Tell Me About The Company

Source TV Frames was formerly known as FrameTheTV. After comprehensively updating the website and the hardwood frames that we offer, we have rebranded.

As experienced custom picture framers, we have been making frames for flat panel televisions in Austin, Texas since 2009. A family owned business, we have been making custom diploma and certificate frames since 1984 at Wordyisms.com.

Tell Me about Source's Environmental Commitment

Producing frames in an environmentally conscious manner is very important to us.

Every purchase from Source TV Frames helps support the Larson-Juhl Global ReLeaf forest foundation, which has planted over 250,000 trees worldwide.

We re-use packing materials when possible, so the boxes you receive may not always be pretty, but we feel reducing the environmental impact of packing where possible is more important than having a pretty box.

We also source materials from participants in the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) for promoting sustainable forest management.

PEFC logo

Digital USB Art Drives

How do the Art Drives Work?

The art drives are a USB (thumb) drive that plugs into the side of your TV and shows rotating artwork, similar to a screen saver. Most are available in 4k UHD and 1080p HD resolutions.

The drives contain a movie file (mpeg) which shows still images in rotation, and a slideshow folder which contains the still images (jpeg), in case your TV  does not play the video file.

A USB drive on your TV is required – almost all TVs made after 2013 meet the requirements to use the artwork drives, but please check your manual. Almost all TVs have the USB drive recessed on the side of the television, so the drive will not protrude from the side or interfere with the frame.

I lost my instruction card

What's the difference between the 4k and 1080p HD versions?

The 4k (also called UHD or Ultra High Definition) art drives are true 3840 x 2160 resolution images, but are only for 4k or UHD televisions. If you have a UHD or 4k TV, we would highly recommend this version, as the images are stunningly vivid.

The 1080p High-Definition versions are for high definition televisions (also called HD or 1080). These are 1920 x 1080 images (the maximum resolution that HD televisions can display), and are crisp and vivid. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of the images.

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